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Development project management

GF capital prides itself on its reputation for being a cost-effective, communicative and results oriented development team.  We work with clients to develop a tailored strategy to complete our projects on time and on budget and exceed our client or partner’s expectations.

Over the course of a development project, Gf capital can manage each component along the critical path from site selection, due diligence, land acquisition, to entitlements and leasing, financing, construction, operations and sale.  With our thorough grounding in the business, we are completely prepared and qualified to step into complex situations that require a change of development leadership with the least disruption possible.

At GF capital, we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and this means we want to try to maintain the utmost level of transparency with our clients that we can. A development project can have a lot of moving parts and keeping track of all of the information in a manner that allows you to make sense of it can be a challenge. Furthermore, Gf capital understands that tracking and reporting of revenues, expenditures, cash flow and being able to analyze your financial information in a timely and clear manner is important.

We offer a wide scope of Services:

  • Due Diligence, Planning and Zoning

  • Site and Property assessment, inspection and evaluation.

  • Pro-Forma creation and analysis including sensitivity analysis and ‘what-if’ scenarios.

  • Sourcing, contracting and managing of third party professional services such as environmental, forestry, materials testing and soil engineers.

  • Review of existing plans, surveys, plats, engineering documents and governmental approvals.

  • Evaluate and determine what streets or public improvements are accepted and approved by appropriate governmental authority, status of any maintenance or performance bonds.

  • Provide Owners with a proposed scope, estimated budget, projected cash-flow and schedule of remaining approvals, design, construction or entitlement to meet client’s requirements.

  • Sourcing, contracting and Management of Civil Engineering or Architectural Design process and approvals.

  • Plan evaluation and review with clients, value engineering, budgeting and scheduling.

  • Bid, evaluate, negotiate and reward of project scope with contractors and sub-contractors and provide clients with a bid summary and final budget for owner approval.

  • Work with owners, architects and engineers to ensure owner objectives, expectations and budgets are being met and optimized.

  • Administer all construction and development contracts on behalf of Owners.

  • Change Order management to ensure transparency and clarity for Owner review and approval.

  • Management of Project Scope and Project Cost.

  • Contractor invoice review and approval for final approval and payment by Owner.

  • Collection and delivery to owner lien waivers and release of liens.

  • Monitor performance and completion of all punchlist items.

  • Obtain and transfer to Owner all required approvals, permits, consents, and licenses necessary to complete all work.

What We Do

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