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Property Management is a full service organization that services all types of real estate including apartment complexes, commercial buildings/office buildings and retail shopping centers. We pride ourselves on taking complete care of your property. Our goal is to maximize the return on your investment while taking the hassle out of owning and managing your property.

GF capital strives to make each of the properties we manage perform to their potential by giving its staff the tools they need to succeed, by intelligently responding to the industry's market, and by overcoming any obstacles that might be presented along the way.

GF capital is determined to achieve excellence within the management industry and take their owner friendly management structure to the next level by establishing, maintaining, promoting and advancing high standards of property management for yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Property management

What We Do

Property Maintenance and Hotel Development Support

GF Capital was managing prime property on behalf of its international client,  pan-European real estate investment manager with €6.1 billion worth portfolio in real estate €6.1 billion in real estate across Europe,  from 2011 to 2015, until the client sold the property.


Business development support included:

  • The property development concepts;

  • The property mainanance services;

  • Bids management

  • The government relationships;

  • Tax compliance and accounting services;

Currently GF Capital is providing the client local company liquidation in Georgia.

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