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Our experienced team is well aware of your marketing needs as well as the systems & processes in the sales function and is equipped with appropriate tools & techniques to work efficiently saving you time and money. 

We produce tailor made research to enable our clients take strategic and actionable decisions. We combine both the traditional and innovative techniques garnered from several years of experience across a wide range of industries, which, for many of our clients, allows us to function as their full-service research department. Our approaches and experience is built on solid foundation of fact-based information and insights that our team is continually building by connecting to the consumers, leaders, doers’ and ‘influencers’ of the market. We draw upon this experience to help our clients gain highly actionable and innovative intelligence on their clients, competitors and markets.
Our Sales Reporting service lets you consolidate comprehensive reports on periodic basis and yet keeps them simple for analysis and presentation. We custom develop reports to meet your specific needs and generate the reports with appropriate analysis per schedule. We also provide ad-hoc reports & analysis on demand.

Marketing and Sales support

What We Do

Procurement support

With substantial growth in emerging markets and new highs in government spending, government contracts constitute a considerable international business opportunity for private companies worldwide. GF capital consultants helps our clients win foreign government contracts and thereby grow their business in Georgia, We provide support throughout the different stages of the bidding process, from identifying opportunities to adapting your bid to local formats and requirements to submitting your bid and accompanying through the selection process.

We help our clients understand the technical aspects, rules, administrative practices and politics of international public procurement and we facilitate the set-up of your bidding projects abroad.

Our goal is to help your teams:

  • target bids based on your strengths and likelihood of winning

  • quickly and easily obtain background information on projects

  • prepare and adapt your bidding materials to the local environment

  • present your bid in an efficient and proactive way

Market development

Global Strategy delivers targeted Market Development solutions tailored to your specific objectives. Our consultants utilize proprietary knowledge networks, global industry contacts, and proven methodologies to identify, analyze, rank and develop customized market entry and building strategies in developed and emerging markets.

Our expertise in market development, planning and strategy has been developed over years. We research the most suitable markets for entry, design a clear strategy and road map, build and implement tactics to achieve success, and deliver sustainable results for manufacturing companies, service organizations, centers of innovation, and government organizations.

Our insight and analysis can be an important component of a successful business model, through the delivery of knowledge and tools to implement effective market development strategies. The bottom line is that a market/partnership development program is significantly faster and less expensive than dedicating the resources necessary to undertake the effort internally.

Mediating to local prospects

Managers are faced with many challenges in today’s fast-paced business environment. One of the biggest challenges is finding the resources to address the future when businesses must remain lean in order to be competitive in the present. GF capital is an experienced Georgian company, which can support its clients on local markets. can provide the experienced help that businesses often need to handle critical issues, including developing and implementing business plans, developing new products and markets, and securing financing.

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