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Government Relationships

Legislative and regulatory pressure is becoming more prevalent around the globe, which increases a company’s compliance obligations and jeopardizes its license to operate. Managing political risk is a growing imperative for effective corporate governance and business planning. GF capital combines public policy, capital markets and sector-specific expertise to offer a unique capability for clients operating at the critical intersection between business and government

The forces that impact public policy are more diverse than ever. GF Capital understands these forces and how they operate from the inside because we've been there. Our professionals are trusted advisors to the top levels of government, business, politics and the media. And we design your strategy with an understanding of the big picture and a commitment to the long view, the place where your organization's success really lies.

What We Do


We interact with all levels of government on behalf of our clients, drawing on our thorough understanding of government’s inner workings and extensive network of personal and professional relationships with government insiders. Our knowledge and contacts allow us to address wide-ranging legislative, administrative, procedural, and political issues. As a result, we serve clients as a vital legal resource for strategic planning and counseling in governmental affairs, regulatory and administrative law. We also litigate many of these issues.

Arrainging meetings

With substantial growth in emerging markets and new highs in government spending, government contracts constitute a considerable international business opportunity for private companies worldwide. GF capital consultants helps our clients win government contracts and thereby grow their business in Georgia, We provide support throughout the different stages of the bidding process, from identifying opportunities to adapting your bid to local formats and requirements to submitting your bid and accompanying through the selection process.

We help our clients understand the technical aspects, rules, administrative practices and politics of international public procurement and we facilitate the set-up of your bidding projects abroad.

Our goal is to help your teams:

  • target bids based on your strengths and likelihood of winning

  • quickly and easily obtain background information on projects

  • prepare and adapt your bidding materials to the local environment

  • present your bid in an efficient and proactive way

GR Support

There are regional grants that support growth through capital investment and job creation. The location of your business may increase your chances of successfully applying for a grant. You may be eligible for support if you’re starting a business in an economically disadvantaged area, especially if it’s one with high unemployment. Local support is often available to encourage small businesses to start up in particular areas. GF capital team can support you in government relationships and mediate your communication with the public officials.

State procurement support

These services include reviewing a company’s readiness to tender within the Public Sector by working collaboratively with the company in understanding their company vision, mission and strategy approach at the higher level, and by critically reviewing their ‘collateral’ at the granular level. In addition we help refine experience in the form of examples & references and balance the bid response with the most suitable example for the requirement in hand.

Having the capability to support your tendering and bidding through the right customer interactions and sales techniques is also critical to success. Our team can ensure high standards and efficient approaches across the sales cycle.

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