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What We Do

Due Diligence/Feasibility

It has become increasingly more important for developers to fully understand the scope and magnitude of the potential financial exposures associated with developing in today’s fast-paced, competitive real estate market. Unknown issues such as insufficient soils and subsurface conditions; environmental matters relating to underground tanks, groundwater contamination, asbestos or lead-based paints; excessive site costs for remediation, roadway & infrastructure improvements are all issues that should be discovered well in advance of making significant financial commitments. 

GF Capital considerable experience and knowledge working in the engineering and development fields, as well as the relationships we have with highly qualified geotechnical and environmental consultants allows us to perform a detailed, comprehensive due diligence investigation geared toward discovering these and other types of issues while identifying the cost and time considerations that may impact the overall development of a deal.

Our specific services include:


  • Onsite inspection of subject property to assess topography, availability of utilities, means of ingress/egress

  • Preparation of comprehensive Site Investigation Report to document jurisdictional permitting processes and timeframes, zoning restrictions, allowable signage, stormwater requirements, utility availability and anticipated costs for connection, requirements for roadways and other public improvements

  • Generate project schedule based on jurisdictional process and client’s commitments to tenant and seller

  • Prepare preliminary Site Work Cost Estimate 

  • Solicit and negotiate proposals with team members for surveying, geotechnical and environmental investigative services

  • Provide review of due diligence materials and communicate/advise client and team members of any design or cost considerations


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