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What We Do

Site Planning/Schematic Design

Conceptual site planning is typically the first and perhaps the most important step in determining the feasibility of a project. Consideration of topography, access, parking, circulation and most importantly visibility to the structure and signage as they relate to the surrounding streets and adjacent development are critical in determining whether both the client's and their tenant’s requirements can be met. How these needs can best be met while also considering jurisdictional zoning requirements or landlord restrictions is equally important. 

GF CAPITAL has the experience and capabilities to provide a site plan that considers these requirements while keeping our client’s construction costs and schedule in mind.


Our specific services include:


  • Research & review of available property maps, surveys, etc.

  • Verification of zoning classification for subject property along with jurisdictional ordinances relating to permitted uses, building setbacks, parking requirements, buffers, or other applicable restrictions

  • Meet with City / Client to review proposed project 

  • Preparation of conceptual site plans based on client’s / tenant’s criteria

  • Generate project schedule based on jurisdictional process and client's commitments to tenant and seller

  • Prepare preliminary site work cost estimate

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