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What We Do

Strategic Planning

GF Capital can help companies develop long-term, robust, scenario-based strategies that can help accelerate their transformation into high-performance businesses. Our professionals have extensive experience helping organizations address all the key aspects of strategic planning:

  • Market analysis, which illuminates economic and political trends, industry and competitor factors and key value drivers. 

  • Scenario analysis, which explores a limited set of future market scenarios based on the market analysis. 

  • Opportunity identification, which reveals innovative and attractive business opportunities in the future market. 

  • Internal analysis, which uncovers distinctive capabilities, market focus and positioning, and performance anatomy that can drive high performance. 

  • Strategy formulation, which provides strategic direction designed for the future, taking into account market opportunities, internal capabilities and future financial performance. 

  • Organizational alignment, which translates strategy into action, providing a high-level roadmap of the realization process. 

  • Financial modeling, which predicts future financial performance of a given strategic direction, including net present value and future shareholder value.

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